Mental Health Among Foster & Adopted Youth


Mental Health Among Foster & Adopted Youth Youth with foster care experience are at a higher risk for developing psychopathology and experience greater rates of mental health disorders compared to the general population. In addition, the stress associated with the pandemic has likely exacerbated the psychological burden of current or former

UCLA Pritzker Center Seed Grants


UCLA Pritzker Center Seed Grants With the support of the Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation, the UCLA Pritzker Center has offered research grants to encourage collaboration between UCLA faculty and the community. Our 2019 grantees focused on a range of issues, including the connection between immigration and child welfare, and the

Child Welfare, Public Health, and Domestic Violence


Child Welfare, Public Health and Domestic Violence Countless children enter foster care due to allegations of domestic violence in the home. Often, these allegations fall under a finding of neglect for failure to protect. Yet removing children from their homes and placing them in foster care for an isolated allegation of domestic violence

LA County Department of Mental Health + Office of Education


LA County Department of Mental Health + Office of Education: Creating a healthy, equitable transition back to in-school learning for students and parents during COVID-19 As schools work toward re-opening after remote learning due to COVID-19, students, families, and school personnel will need support through this transition. The UCLA Pritzker Center, in